Monday, November 17, 2008

Simulation & Gaming

This section of reading and exploring just blows my mind.  I feel like I could spend all day exploring online and never really get a handle on how much information is available.  My first instinct is to try and organize all this information.  For example, where should I store the website for math help for my teenagers?  How can I use in my Psychology class next term? My mind just keep thinking of all the possibilities, yet, I don't even know all the possibilities.  How can I keep myself in a learning environment where I will be exposed to technology continuously?  My brain hurts! :)

I also am concerned about our college graduates.  They are, for the most part, being educated by professors who prefer lecture and test-taking to exploring and simulation!  Will these new educational leaders develop the same practices in their students?  How can we change the educational system to imbed technology into the core without leaving our humanity behind?  I believe that's the essence of this class and our Educational Leadership degree?  My perspective is changing and I have more questions then I have answers.  But, I also have more hope and motivation to keep exploring the answers to my questions and making changes in my circle of influence.

My other concern is for the development of our children.  They are growing up as "screen manipulators" and not merely "screen watchers" (as I grew up).  This brings so many questions in regards to development; socially, mentally, culturally, and even physically.  Will we be prepared in education to meet this type of student whom we can't even identify yet?  I am inclined to believe that we will evolve slowly as in the past and most likely miss some opportunities along the way?  

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